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Hero? No, I'm An Ordinary Citizen (Monster) Ongoing

04/24 Hero? No, I'm An Ordinary Citizen (Monster)

In the summer when I was 16 years old, I was summoned to another world as a hero. After that, a psychic, an alchemist, a sage, spirit mage, Demon Lord —being summoned by many other worlds, I repeated a lot of meetings and partings. Lives I could save; lives I couldn’t save. Hatred, sadness, happiness; with many things mixed, I recklessly pushed through. And then, at the seventh parallel world summoning, I was dragged in a hero summoning. Being summoned into Rivadeil, I wish for a peaceful life as an [Ordinary Citizen ] ——But his wish wasn’t fulfilled at all. He was dragged into it this time around, so he was thinking of pa.s.sing this one half-heartedly, but he was dragged into trouble right from the start. The truth of the hero summoning, the disease of the king; dragged into the rampant darkness of the kingdom, by the time he noticed, he was turning into a central figure. As he watched over the summoned heroes from the shadows and under the sun, he complained as he resolved the problems that he was dragged into. And so, new encounters bring forth new enemies, and the tragedy repeats. This is a story of a pitiful ‘toy’ that had its fate distorted by a G.o.d and wants to bring back what he has lost…
Last: Chapter 59
An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods Ongoing

04/23 An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods

His First Life was as an Ordinary Human on Earth.In His Second Life, he was an Immortal G.o.d, a vanquisher of his enemies,an Overlord.At his Third Life, he learned how to use Chakra, and became a being surpa.s.sing G.o.ds.Now, in his fourth life, he was reborn in the TDG world, how will he react to this Mysterious World?P.S I don 't own Book Cover, all rights go to the proper writer of TDG,Mad Snail.
Last: Chapter 264: Side Story - Marriage
There Was No Secret Organization To Fight With The World's Darkness So I Made One (In Exasperation) Ongoing

05/24 There Was No Secret Organization To Fight With The World's Darkness So I Made One (In Exasperation)

The protagonist wakes up to a superpower one day, out of the blue! But there’s no organization targeting the protagonist’s superpower! The prettiest girl in his grade doesn’t turn out to be a psychicer like the protagonist himself! No door opens to another world and he doesn’t get summoned! There is no secret history in the protagonist’s past! There is no reveal explaining the protagonist’s sudden attainment of his superpower! So normal! Such overwhelming normalcy! He graduates from school and gets a job without anything happening! He lives as a mediocre working adult! Having enough power to fight against all of humanity yet not seeing anything happen finally makes him snap! Fine, be that way! If this is the way it’s gonna be, then I’ll make it! I’ll make the secret supernatural organization myself! Welcome to my manmade extraordinariness!
Last: Chapter 20 Part3
Ore Wa LV99999, Shikashi, Ore No Tokei Ga 1 Completed

04/24 Ore Wa LV99999, Shikashi, Ore No Tokei Ga 1

The story of how a weak villager who broke the LV limit of the world and became LV99999 but still have weak stats.
Last: Chapter 72-75
Heroes Of Marvel Ongoing

05/15 Heroes Of Marvel

After an accidental electric shock, Jackson traversed into a parallel world filled with supreme beings—beings whose might and strength could hold the skies on their shoulder. At first, Jackson preconceived the idea that he’d only traversed on the other side of the world, the United States, until that is various peculiarities popped up. While watching the news channel, Jackson wondered whose the big green guy jumping up and down the buildings of New York without care. Who is that bodybuilder statue donned in a red-blue uniform standing tall and proud in the Memorial Hall? And who is that man flying the skies with a big hammer calling himself a G.o.d? Jackson wondered if he should advise his parents to move away from New York. But after a moment of thought, Jackson pulled out his mobile phone and dialed a number. “Mr. Stark, for the safety of mankind, I think it’s necessary to discuss the developments of technology and advanced armors with you.” This is the story of a young man living in the world of Marvel who only wished to live a quiet and stable life but as fate would have it, fate had other plans for him. Author’s Note: The story is based on the Marvel World.
Last: Chapter 977: Not Possible To Evade
He Didn't Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master Ongoing

05/28 He Didn't Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master

Last: Chapter 41
Real Cheat Online Ongoing

05/29 Real Cheat Online

Pursuing reality, a world of VRMMO that directly reflects your real ability. In this place where there’s no level or status, to fight those monsters, the players have no choice but to either use magic or learn pseudo-skills of masters with Combat a.s.sistance System《Arts》. But, if there was a monster who trampled the monsters of virtual reality with his real ability―― ◆◆◆ Because of the gifted education he received from his father who was a former member of the special forces, Souichiro, a boy was growing into the best human weapon. He, who was yearning to play like a normal highschool student, dived into the virtual world together with his friend. But, what awaited him who was going ahead for a glorified springtime of youth was nothing but an[oddball]in everything who surpa.s.sed all kinds of predictions. Can the boy who received various nickname such as 「The Hidden Boss」, 「The Hidden Character of Management Side」, or「Maybe He Stopped Being a Human」continue to play normally and safely?
Last: Chapter 69.2
The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot) Ongoing

05/23 The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot)

Takebayas.h.i.+ Ryouma, a 39 years old man with hidden past, found himself in a strange white room. The G.o.ds tell him that he has died and that they are sending his soul to a different world, a world where magic exists. After living alone for 3 years, his gamer soul loses its common sense and starts along crazy routes.
Last: Chapter 0 - prologue
World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent (WN) Ongoing

12/25 World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent (WN)

A man who was once called the world’s strongest agent ended up becoming a teacher after his retirement, to train a new generation of agents. After many years of training his disciples, he was killed at the age of 60 by a secret organization’s ruse and was reincarnated in another world with his memories intact. Though he was surprised by the existence of magic and the strange species in that world, he quickly adapted to his condition as a newborn and took advantage of it. He acquired special magic and gained a ma.s.sive amount of strength thanks to his rigorous discipline, in order to reach his goal: Resume his career as a teacher which he left halfway through in his previous life. This is the story of a man, who, based on the memories and the experiences of his previous life, became a teacher who travels through the world with his students.
Last: Chapter 167
Behemoth's Pet Ongoing

05/26 Behemoth's Pet

The elf girl Aria is an adventurer. She has a lovely face that attracts almost everyone. Her breast is ripened to the point of almost exploding. And then being embraced between those breast was a little animal… His name was Tama. He looked like a cat at a glance but Aria and her surrounding companions failed to notice a fact. Tama was a human who had reincarnated and his true form was not that of an ordinary cat. Instead, he was a monster of the strongest cla.s.s, an extremely young Behemoth.
Last: Chapter 68
Welcome to the Monsters' Guild ~ The Strongest Group Who Did Everything, for a Price ~ Ongoing

05/28 Welcome to the Monsters' Guild ~ The Strongest Group Who Did Everything, for a Price ~

The long war for supremacy between two neighboring nations came to an end. For this reason, Raiz, the strongest tamer ever seen, was facing a difficult problem. How could the mult.i.tude of monsters called to arms survive without a work that sustained them? Worried, he decided to open a “shop” to find a job for his comrades. “Right! Let’s start our own guild!” Even though at first people were afraid, seeing the monsters working so hard for their sake made them change their mind and after forgiving those creatures, the guild started receiving quite the number of requests. “Nice, if we put our heart and soul in working we’ll make a fortune!” That’s how the strongest tamer started a family business (with ranch).
Last: Chapter 15
World Strongest Rearguard - Labyrinth Country And Dungeon Seekers Ongoing

03/17 World Strongest Rearguard - Labyrinth Country And Dungeon Seekers

A heavily overworked businessman takes a nap on a bus headed to a corporate retreat. He awakens in a fantastic labyrinth city, immediately being informed that he has been reincarnated after dying in a bus accident and must work as a dungeon seeker. Confused, the former businessman heads to the registration point to get his job, only to be hit with two huge and horrible surprises: The first is that his pushy boss lady who had worked him to the point of collapse in his former life has also reincarnated here. The second his job received from registration is unknown and unreadable—no one will party with him and will treat him like an invalid if they find out this secret! He is forced to hire a sub-human mercenary to party with him, and things will only get worse from there as he is forced to confront the deadly nature of his new, reincarnated, occupation.
Last: Chapter 30
Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha Wo Taosu Tameni Maou Ni Shoukansaremashita~ Ongoing

05/29 Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha Wo Taosu Tameni Maou Ni Shoukansaremashita~

This is a tale of the protagonist who was being summoned to protect the demon king from the hero. Kuroki who’s suddenly summoned to another world. The one who summoned him is the demon king, Modes. And, the territory which currently ruled by the demon king was in the middle of being destroyed because of the hero. The demon king Modes who has atrocious appearance is bowing toward Kuroki. 「PLEASE SAVE US! ! SAVIOR_DONO! ! 」 Kuroki then decide to save the demon king due to the turn of event.
Last: Chapter 47.3 - Ariadya For Those Who Becoming Rich
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Ongoing

05/26 Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

In f.u.kuoka, crime reaches new heights in the seedy underworld. In the Hakata ward of the city, there are various individuals with special talent that consists of professional killers, detectives, informants, and professional revenge seekers. Among those a so-called “killer of professional killers” is becoming more than just an urban legend. Private detective Banba is on the case, but when he uncovers a dark conspiracy, it may be the one curveball he can’t hit.
Last: Volume 8 Chapter 10
School Flower Versatile Security Guard Ongoing

05/28 School Flower Versatile Security Guard

One of the world’s top killer, fed up with his life, retired as a small security guard at Jiang Yuan University. He basically wanted to adapt to the life of an ordinary person and blend into the society. however, he didn’t expect that a previous random encounter with a beautiful woman who was also the prettiest girl in the university, will be the key to the fierce pursuit, at the same time, all kind of beautiful women, as well as powerful enemies, came after this small security guard named Xu Taiping. Let watch the journey of this university Versatile security Guard. Let see how he will obtain the beautiful flowers and eliminate his enemies conspiracies and step on the powerful villains. I only wanted to be a small security guard, Xu Taping said while lying in the lap of the beautiful flower.
Last: Chapter 85
A New Game from the Depths of Captivity! ~ Rising from Slavery with Just One's Own Abilities ~ Ongoing

05/25 A New Game from the Depths of Captivity! ~ Rising from Slavery with Just One's Own Abilities ~

Tak.u.mi, a young guy born and raised in an environment filled with welfare, left our world without getting the chance of testing his abilities. Thanks to that regret, he’s granted the opportunity of reincarnating in a new world. In the presence of a G.o.ddess, he decides to “reincarnate in a world where abilities are everything”! After being reincarnated as a slave, he wakes up in cell and starts gathering information from the other children in the room, included a gorgeous elf and a beautiful beastman who will become his comrades. With that, he starts to walk down the road to become a slaves’ merchant.
Last: Chapter 12
WAR: The university of WAR Ongoing

05/29 WAR: The university of WAR

Last: Chapter 3
Imouto sae Ireba Ii. Ongoing

05/23 Imouto sae Ireba Ii.

Surrounded by many different kinds of company, our protagonist: Hopeless siscon Has.h.i.+ma Itsuki. 1st cla.s.s genius and lover, the high end unfortunate-beauty Kani Nayuta. Troubled about love, troubled about friends.h.i.+ps, troubled even in her dreams, victor of the 3 crowns s.h.i.+rakawa Miyako. Brutal tax sabre, Ōno Ashley. Natural born ill.u.s.trator, Puriketsu. Each and every one as hesitant as the next, and each and every one dealing with their own headaches. This is a busy story of a group of bewildering characters that plays games together, takes trips together, and works together, never a single dull day. Watching over them is the kind and thoughtful, completely perfect, superhuman little brother of Itsuki; Chihiro, with a huge secret of his own―. From the author that brought you ‘Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai’ (‘Haganai’), Hirasaka Yomi has drawn the curtains for the latest youth love-comedy series!
Last: Volume 1 Chapter 14 Part1
The Forgetful Detective Series Ongoing

05/22 The Forgetful Detective Series

Okitegami Kyouko is a famous detective who solves cases in a single day. In fact, she has to, since her memories only last for one day before they ‘reset.’ However, for important things, she writes messages for herself down on her body with a special pen. One of her common clients is Kakus.h.i.+date Yakusuke, a man who is often wrongly suspected of committing crimes. There is also a live-action drama adaptation of this story. The original novel’s story is about a detective named Kyōko Okitegami who is also known as the forgetful detective. She forgets everything in a day, but solves cases the same day. (Her name has the j.a.panese word for “today” in it.) An unlucky young man named Yakusuke Kakus.h.i.+date somehow ends up as the suspect in every case, and he always asks for the detective.
Last: Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part1-2
Adventure Record Of Reincarnated Aristocrat ~ The Apostle Of Gods Who Doesn't Know Self-esteem~ Ongoing

04/24 Adventure Record Of Reincarnated Aristocrat ~ The Apostle Of Gods Who Doesn't Know Self-esteem~

Last: Chapter 5


Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife

Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife

Author: Flow07
"You're the moonlight that lights up the night's darkness~ You're the rain that patches the dried up lands~ You're the breath that keeps my heart aliv……
Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Author: 端木初初
In the general’s house, the eldest daughter is born again. In the last life, she mistakenly regarded the fish as a pearl and misunderstood the wolf. ……
The Deserted Woman

The Deserted Woman

Author: Honore De Balzac
Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan

Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan

Author: Sha Xiao Wan
In short, this is the tragic tale of a saint-like man who transmigrated into a web novel as a mob character and wanted to rehabilitate the villain, on……