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Absolute Choice Ongoing

04/05 Absolute Choice

A world filled with heroes with superpowers. A world attacked by calamity fiends. A modern world filled with wonders and dangers. Shi Xiaobai, a child from normal Earth, walked into such a world, proclaiming to be its king. But at the first signs of danger, he is forced to make a choice, one which he cannot refuse for time would repeat, making him face the choice again. He is not humble nor is he modest, but neither is he delusional. Yet, the Absolute Choice seems to make fun of him. Will the joke be on him or will he laugh at his opponents? There will be many watching his escapades, and there will be some joining him in his adventures. To see through the world and to grasp its truth, that is the destiny of the King.
Last: 583 The Inheritor
Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Ongoing

12/25 Neet Receives A Dating Sim System

Last: Chapter 0


Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife

Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife

Author: Flow07
"You're the moonlight that lights up the night's darkness~ You're the rain that patches the dried up lands~ You're the breath that keeps my heart aliv……
Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Author: 端木初初
In the general’s house, the eldest daughter is born again. In the last life, she mistakenly regarded the fish as a pearl and misunderstood the wolf. ……
The Deserted Woman

The Deserted Woman

Author: Honore De Balzac
Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan

Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan

Author: Sha Xiao Wan
In short, this is the tragic tale of a saint-like man who transmigrated into a web novel as a mob character and wanted to rehabilitate the villain, on……

I'm Feeling Lucky!

Nie Yinniang

Nie Yinniang

Taken from translator site: “&h.e.l.lip;a mid to late Tang dynasty work which, in GZ’s words, is the granddaddy of the wuxia/xianxia/Chinese fantasy g……
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