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Apocalypse Hunter Ongoing

09/10 Apocalypse Hunter

Original Synopsis: 200 years after the Apocalypse.The Hunters continue to search for prey. Revised Synopsis:200 years since the world has ended, the laws of society have long been forgotten.Countless grotesque monsters now run amok on this the earth and slayers who devour and massacre humans follow suit.In this hopeless world, the Demon Hunters who have caused the demons to have gone extinct, roam from place to place.But in a world without the demons, for what reason do these Hunters continue to mindlessly travel throughout the lands?Maybe it is to just survive.The Demon Hunters continue on. In this God Forsaken world, the protagonist Zin meets a little girl named Leona, a girl whose entire life was nothing but pain, and search for the meaning of his life.The threads of fate slowly come together.The wheel of destiny continues to spin.  
Last: Apocalypse Hunter - Chapter 85 - The Time of Evil Spirits and Storms (Part 2) - Gravity Tales
Overgeared Ongoing

03/25 Overgeared

Title: Overgeared (템빨) Author: Park Saenal (박새날 ) Status: 776 chapters (Ongoing) Translator: Rainbow Turtle Editors: Superposhposh and Jay Schedule: 20 chapters a week Raws Brief overview that I translated from a Korean site: The basis of this novel is a virtual reality game called Satisfy, developed by the world’s top genius scientist Lim Cheolho and world-class scientists. The main character is timid, flaky, selfish, cares about money and easily feels jealous of others. Because the author set up the character in this way, the story was difficult for the readers to read. But as the main character encounters various people and geniuses, he internally matures and his personality changes. If the main character is described as cancerous early on, at present he can be called a mature adult. However, those who don’t read beyond the early parts of the 5th volume (~ chapter 90) find it hard to believe. The basic settings and story line are similar to other VR novels, but the praiseworthy thing is the content development. The early parts aren’t much different from rival novels, but the novel rating has exceeded the market average in recent years due to the writer’s growth. Like other novels, it contains a munchkin element, but it is different from typical munchkins. In the early stages, the game progresses with the main character using his class of a legendary blacksmith. The main character expands the game content and the level of the existing users dramatically increase. Hidden talents, new players in the official rankings, classes that could break the balance, all of this makes the main character’s one-man show impossible. The main character grows internally and externally while competing with others. In fact, if you compare the simple and ignorant battle method in the beginning to his abilities in the present time, it is possible to feel such a sense of distance that he doesn’t seem like the same character. As for the evaluation of the work, the criticism was severe in the beginning, but the popularity increased rapidly after that. As described above, the improvement in the author’s writing and the growth of the main character led to rapid changes in the comments. However, the main character’s selfish and frustrating behaviour caused many readers to stop reading in the beginning. For the readers who have gone beyond the beginning, it is a tragedy that seems really pitiful. Currently, its popularity is increasing and a webtoon was recently released. However, there are many criticisms of the webtoon due to the various changes made. For those curious about the webtoon, here is the link to the raws, although only the first 3 chapters are free. Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy! However, luck would soon enter his hapless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary class player…
Last: Chapter 1799
I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World! Completed

09/10 I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

What got summoned was the world’s strongest sociopath. His ability is one that allows him to buy anything, [Heart of Gold]. The Demon King is dead. Now, it’s time to kill the hero.
Last: Chapter 68. Epilogue
Emperor of Solo Play Completed

09/10 Emperor of Solo Play

2035. The virtual reality game, Warlord, changed the world.An Jaehyun was one of the many who wished to change his life through the game.After dedicating his life to the game, he was met with a betrayal. A betrayal by his comrades. As a result, he lost everything. But a chance was given to him. A chance to redo everything again!“I won’t play with others ever again. Whatever the outcome, I’ll show that I can do it alone.”Others roll a die to split the spoils of victory. An Jaehyun eats it all by himself. It’s the start of An Jaehyun’s solo game life.
Last: Chapter 191 Epilogue
Breakers Completed

09/10 Breakers

Title: Breakers (브레이커즈) Author: Chwiryong (취룡) Status: 231 chapters (Complete) + 2 Side Stories Raws: Munpia Translator: Rainbow Turtle Editor: LD Translation Status: Complete My name is Joo In-gong. The name that my parents gave me meant ‘protagonist’ of the world. As anyone can predict, I was constantly teased due to my name. In kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school. If I went to university as planned then I would probably be laughed at there as well. So, at one point, I really hated my name. But not anymore. Now, I think slightly differently. Maybe being named Joo In-gong was a type of foreshadowing? [Name: Shutra] [Age: 17] [Species: Gandharva] [Occupation: Protagonist] [Uniqueness: Prince, Conquest Knight] This shows my situation on the Assenbah Continent at a glance. My name is Joo In-gong. A protagonist.
Last: Breakers SS #3 Felicias Special Day
Reincarnator Ongoing

03/28 Reincarnator

Humanity has been gradually transported to the Abyss by a bored god to compete against other races and monsters. Problem is… Humanity failed. In a last desperate push the strongest survivors chose a comrade to travel as far as possible back in time.
Last: Chapter 492 - Return
I Reincarnated For Nothing Ongoing

03/24 I Reincarnated For Nothing

Synopsis: “My life as a demon… No. My life as human is really…” Artpe was supposed to live a charmed life as the 4th strongest in the Demon King’s Army. However, his life was cut short by the hero’s blade.With his previous life’s memory intact, Artpe will live his life again. His boldness and resourcefulness will make him unrivalled!
Last: Chapter 203
The First Hunter Ongoing

03/28 The First Hunter

This is the story of Kim Tae-Hoon, one of the first hunters to rise during an era when monsters first started to appear.
Last: Chapter 74
Seoul Station’s Necromancer Completed

09/10 Seoul Station’s Necromancer

[You have entered the dungeon at Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit.] “What is this?” A necromancer had returned to earth after 20 years, and the subway station… No, it had become a dungeon. Bow down to the majesty of this one man army as I begin to seize the world.
Last: Chapter 208 - Epilogue
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society Ongoing

03/25 Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society

Translator: FudgeNouget Editors: Lightning Asura, Illidan Stormrage, Uncreative The second moon marked the beginning of a revolutionary change. With the emergence of monsters and dungeons in modern society, and the ability users who fights against them, the world faces a shift in its paradigm. It heralds the advent of a new energy source and the decline of traditional occupations. Common sense thus becomes warped, and imagination becomes reality.
Last: Chapter 307
Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon Completed

09/10 Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon

Translation Status (Important!! Please read!) Dropped due to the author pulling a Mad Snail. Basically= having no motivation for the story and only released 2 chapters in the last 2 months. Synopsis: Talent, appearance, power. No matter how hard I try, I can’t beat the people born with these things. But, within this dungeon, I can overcome them.
Last: Chapter 62 - Day 13, 10th Floor Price-Performance Ratio
God of Crime Completed

09/10 God of Crime

Title: God of Crime (범죄의 신) Author: Han Yeoul (한여울) Status: 165 chapters (Complete) Raws: Munpia Translator: Rainbow Turtle Editor: Superposhposh and LD Translated Status: Complete Seo Tae-hyuk, jailed after getting a false charge unfairly. He will be executed without being able to prove his innocence. When he opens his eyes, it’s 15 years in the past?
Last: Chapter 164 - 10 Year Later (End)
Ace of Ace Ongoing

03/22 Ace of Ace

The life story of Gun Choi going towards being the best pitcher in the Major League.
Last: Live Pitching 04
Red Storm Ongoing

04/24 Red Storm

Support the translation on Patreon and get access to advanced chapters! In this world, strong warriors are needed in order to conquer the hot crimson desert. The Pareia Tribal-Chief's first-born son, named Yulian  Provoke, secretly gallops through the stormy deserts alone, only to find someone of destiny - an otherworldly man that would change his fate  forever. This same young child struggles to find purpose while embodying both ambition and revenge into his very own hands as he awaits that  faithful day of confronting a particular person that was, supposedly,  the culprit of his blood-mother's death. At first, he was alone; but  then after, he forms the RED STORM division - a group of powerful  warriors at his command - in hopes of Conquering the Desert, braving  towards those who oppose him, and bringing great fortune to his tribe.   Note: Each volume contains over 300 pages worth of in-depth storytelling.  
Last: Chapter 231
The Book Eating Magician Ongoing

03/20 The Book Eating Magician

Title: The Book Eating Magician (책 먹는 마법사) Author: Mekenlo (메켄로 ) Status in Original Country: 400 chapters (Complete) Translator: Rainbow Turtle Editor: LD Schedule: 6 chapters a week Raws BEM Artwork Page [‘Lightning Magic Primer’ has been consumed. Your understanding is very high.] [The 2nd Circle magic ‘Lightning Bolt’ has been acquired.] The unprecedented magician who will eat all the magic books of the world has appeared.
Last: Chapter 310
Dragon Maken War Ongoing

03/29 Dragon Maken War

Synopsis: 220 years ago, in the legendary Dragon Demon War, Hero Azell ended the war by killing the evil Dragon Demon race’s King Atein. He was able to save the population, but as a consequence, he was cursed. While he was dying, the high magician suggest a gamble that might save his life. ‘The Dragon’s hibernation is the only key to saving your life.’ Instead of a human’s sleep, he slept the sleep of the dragons and he was able to overcome the curse. Now he is realizing that he has slept way longer than a human’s life span.
Last: Chapter 0 - Prologue
Returning from the Immortal World Ongoing

12/31 Returning from the Immortal World

A supreme expert in the Immortal World had died, and a strand of his soul returned to its original body on Earth. Tang Xiu discovered with amazement that ten thousand years passed in the Immortal World, yet only a single year passed on Earth.
Last: Chapter 2
Legend of Legends Ongoing

03/29 Legend of Legends

Synopsis:The world is in a state of panic.Every Friday, thousands of people in the world fall under a sudden deep sleep which for some reason causes their bodies to become immune to physical damage and is soon followed by those very people falling into a coma, unknown to the world as to when they will awake again.Junhyuk Lee is just an average guy on his way to a job interview. However, his interview happens to be on a Friday and on his way there he suffers an accident that changes his life.He finds the answers that everyone has been looking for, but, in exchange, he is thrown into a world where his life is always in peril. Living side by side with death.He has to fight and kill, to save himself and, possibly, the rest of humanity.Follow Junhyuk as he treads on the path of becoming a Legend amongst Legends.Ekdud’s views:Legend of Legend is a novel based on the battle arena games such as LoL, dota and others like it. Countless number of lifeforms of different races from multiple dimensions and worlds are brought into the ‘Valley of Death’ where they start off as minions and where a small percentage of them unlock abilities.Those who are able to unlock all 3 abilities, as well as the final ultimate ability, are able to become ‘Heroes’, the game characters we would be playing.It is an extremely interesting novel because instead of viewing from the angle of the main focus of the game, the novel takes a different approach as the viewpoint is shifted towards the lackeys on the side. There are other ‘Heroes’ by the main character throughout the story as well where the allied Heroes are helping him and the enemy Heroes trying to kill him.Also, the entire story is not entirely situated in the ‘Valley of Death’, the main character also has issues in his real life. The main character will have to deal and adapt as he switches back and forth between the ‘Valley of Death’ and the real-life world.
Last: Chapter 598 - Epilogue


Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife

Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife

Author: Flow07
"You're the moonlight that lights up the night's darkness~ You're the rain that patches the dried up lands~ You're the breath that keeps my heart aliv……
Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Author: 端木初初
In the general’s house, the eldest daughter is born again. In the last life, she mistakenly regarded the fish as a pearl and misunderstood the wolf. ……
The Deserted Woman

The Deserted Woman

Author: Honore De Balzac
Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan

Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan

Author: Sha Xiao Wan
In short, this is the tragic tale of a saint-like man who transmigrated into a web novel as a mob character and wanted to rehabilitate the villain, on……