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Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa Ongoing

03/07 Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa

DescriptionI had known for most of my life that I would be killed by a Yandere and now, that day has finally come — or that should have been what happened. Instead, I was reincarnated by a G.o.ddess in a game-like world. I jumped at the opportunity to live a normal, peaceful life with ordinary girls&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;Now I have a skill that awakens Yanderes!? The world the G.o.ddess created specializes in Yanderes!? On top of that, in order to gain a certain cheat ability, I was born with a body that can’t harm women no matter what they do to me&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;I wanted a peaceful life in this world, but it seems even in a different world I will be loved to death by Yanderes. a.s.sociated NamesEven in a different world, I’m being loved to death by Yanderes この異世界でも、ヤンデレに死ぬほど愛される
Last: Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa Volume 2, Chapter 14
The Last Surviving Alchemist Ongoing

12/30 The Last Surviving Alchemist

Last: Chapter 29: Smoothly
Pygmalion Is Planting Seeds Ongoing

12/30 Pygmalion Is Planting Seeds

Last: Pygmalion Is Planting Seeds V2, Chapter 15
Black Haired King Ongoing

12/23 Black Haired King

“If so, then I will prove to everyone that even someone with black hair can be strong!” Redius, born with black hair in a world where magical power could be determined from one’s hair colour. Incompetent just because of the colour of his hair, treated and tormented like a taboo child, got betrayed by some adventurers who he had come to know and was left on the verge of death. He was then saved by an adventurer who would soon become his mentor. Training under his mentor, partic.i.p.ating in the war, getting strong all the while meeting different people, this is the story of a young man’s hards.h.i.+ps to change the world’s sense of values.
Last: Black Haired King Chapter 17: Acquaintance
On The Way Home I Got A Bride And Twin Daughters Who Were Dragons Ongoing

12/29 On The Way Home I Got A Bride And Twin Daughters Who Were Dragons

Last: On the Way Home I Got a Bride and Twin Daughters, Who Were Dragons Chapter 7: Hello, Im a Papa (1)
My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Ongoing

05/28 My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

A god of a different world had abruptly appeared in my classroom and semi-forcibly summoned the entire class to his world.ーーーーexcept for me, Kamiya Yato. Because I was taking a seat in the corner of the class, the round summoning magic circle didn’t reach me and I ended up staying here on earth but with new skills. After I made it through a whole year full of police interviews and journalism reports, I finally graduated to my first year of high school.
Last: Chapter 180
The Strongest Wingless Gargoyle Ongoing

05/27 The Strongest Wingless Gargoyle

For 1,500 long years since the Demon King dominated the land, Albert the Gargoyle lived the life of a slave. But when his master is killed, he regains his freedom, and is now unrestricted to travel the world to his utmost desire. In the beginning, Albert had lost his wings because of the harsh duties given to him for the past 1,500 years, but he has become one of the strongest beings alive because of it, despite being a Gargoyle.
Last: Volume 2 Chapter 10
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto Ongoing

12/29 Kusuriya no Hitorigoto

In the imperial court, a young woman is put into servitude, Maomao. The tale is just beginning for the woman doctor/pharmacist from the red-light district, as rumors circulate about the emperor’s children’s lives being short-lived. Her curious nature and thirst for knowledge pushes her to action. To satisfy her curiosity, this young doctor/pharmacist will investigate the origin! What is shifting in the imperial court..!?
Last: Kusuriya no Hitorigoto Volume 2, Chapter 2: Imperial Court Lady
Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai Ongoing

09/10 Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai

’’Live freely for my sake, remember to be happy.’’ That was the last word Yuya heard from his last remaining family member which was his sister. However, Yuya caught the same disease as his sister, his life ended without fulfilling what his sister wished for. ――That was what supposed to happen, but instead rebirthed into another world. Yuya was confused, but also found a resolution. That is, to accomplish the promise he made with his sister. Yuya pursued happiness as the second son of the count family――Lyons life was just about to start..... ――What? Because Im the son of a mistress so I cant get out of the isolation zone? Forbidden from studying? Political marriage is decided? If that is the case how can I freely pursue my happiness?? Feeling he was cheated by fate until one day, he met a girl. The story of a boy pursuing happiness and his sisters with no self-reverence starts now.
Last: Chapter 138


Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife

Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife

Author: Flow07
"You're the moonlight that lights up the night's darkness~ You're the rain that patches the dried up lands~ You're the breath that keeps my heart aliv……
Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Author: 端木初初
In the general’s house, the eldest daughter is born again. In the last life, she mistakenly regarded the fish as a pearl and misunderstood the wolf. ……
The Deserted Woman

The Deserted Woman

Author: Honore De Balzac
Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan

Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan

Author: Sha Xiao Wan
In short, this is the tragic tale of a saint-like man who transmigrated into a web novel as a mob character and wanted to rehabilitate the villain, on……