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Remember the Name Ongoing

12/20 Remember the Name

A boy who was living an ordinary life in another world suddenly came to the present world. Social systems, way of life and morals… They have all changed. How will the boy try to survive? What kind of life will the boy live?
Last: Chapter 321: Chapter 316
Release that Witch Ongoing

06/04 Release that Witch

Chen Yan travels through time, only to end up becoming an honorable prince in the Middle Ages of Europe. Yet this world was not quite as simple as he thought. Witches with magical powers abound, and fearsome wars between churches and kingdoms rage throughout the land. Roland, a prince regarded as hopeless by his own father and assigned to the worst fief, spends his time developing a poor and backward town into a strong and modern city, while fighting against his siblings for the throne and absolute control over the kingdom. Join Roland as he befriends and allies with witches and, through fighting and even farming, pushes back invaders coming from the realm of evil.
Last: Release that Witch - Chapter 1428


Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife

Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife

Author: Flow07
"You're the moonlight that lights up the night's darkness~ You're the rain that patches the dried up lands~ You're the breath that keeps my heart aliv……
Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Author: 端木初初
In the general’s house, the eldest daughter is born again. In the last life, she mistakenly regarded the fish as a pearl and misunderstood the wolf. ……
The Deserted Woman

The Deserted Woman

Author: Honore De Balzac
Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan

Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan

Author: Sha Xiao Wan
In short, this is the tragic tale of a saint-like man who transmigrated into a web novel as a mob character and wanted to rehabilitate the villain, on……

I'm Feeling Lucky!

Heaven Official's Blessing

Heaven Official's Blessing

Among the G.o.ds, there is a laughing stock of the three realms. He soared and became a G.o.d three times. The first time: he became the martial emper……
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  • A Boy's Town

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  • Of Man And Manta - Ox

  • The Brighton Boys with the Flying Corps