The Diary of the Truant Death God

The Diary of the Truant Death God

Associated Names: The Diary Of The Truant Death God (such A Pity That It Is Another Pervert),死神逃學日記 (可惜是個變態)
Author(s): 不可沽名學霸王  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018

Description: When Sigmar was duped into Atlas Necromancer Academy, his life took a complete change. In here, Undead ran rampant. The wailing of the ghosts could be heard every night. The lessons were eccentric in all sorts of way. Not only were there passionate instructors in human dissection and perverts from The Ring teaching you how to play with the living and the dead, there were also savage-looking instructors and a righteous-looking battle maniac teaching you how to use the 6th type of magic staff fighting technique and how to win the upper hand in an aerial battle between Mages. Every single Necromancer here were overly preoccupied with destroying the world and as such, they walked around with dull-witted and monotonous faces. They don’t understand humor and they do not laugh. In fact, they don’t even self-comfort. Yet, Sigmar who was blessed with talents that only appeared once in a thousand years was extremely afraid of ghosts. In order to escape from this darned place, a battle lacking decency of any sort to play truant from school has begun.……


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