Tian Guan Shuang Xia

Tian Guan Shuang Xia

Associated Names: Passionate Wastrel, Infatuated Hero,多情浪子痴情侠,天觀雙俠
Author(s): Zheng Feng  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Action  Adventure  Martial Arts  Mystery  Wuxia  
Tags: Action  Adventure  Martial Arts  Mystery  Wuxia  

Description: Zhao Guan grew up in brothels. He is sly and crafty, resourceful. His father is unknown, his mother murdered by enemies. After his family is killed, he wanders the world with the poison techniques passed down by his mother, relying on his quick wits to survive in the chaotic and dangerous Jianghu. Ling Haotian is born to prestigious doctors in the wulin and doted on and respected. But he is mischievous and hates being restrained, and is always thinking of ways to break away, causing headaches for others. These two young men are as different as day and night, but they are thrown together by a twist of fate, and their mettle tested by a series of bizarre happenings. How will they affect the unstable wulin? –(Very, very rough summary)……


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