We Survived The End Of The World

We Survived The End Of The World

Associated Names: エンディング後の世界を生き残る僕ら
Author(s): Yuuki  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Action  Drama  Horror  Shounen  Supernatural  

Description: Title and synopsis translated by Ai chan. ——————— On the first of April, images on TV transmitted from overseas showed the dead revived and the ‘zombies’ attacking people. Most didn’t believe this and thought it was an April Fool’s joke. However, there were a lot of people who believe it and one of them was living in Japan. He was a normal Japanese high school student. He made various preparations from that day onward, waiting for the day when it would come to Japan. When they finally came, everyone couldn’t believe they were real, they didn’t want to believe. From that day, he distinguished himself and walked on his two feet alongside his colleages, aiming to survive the end of the world. A story where high school boys and girls do their best in a world hit with zombie apocalypse. The main characters including the hero are not common. In the story, some city names are based on real cities. In addition, knowledge about guns and crime prevention, SDF and government will appear, but since the hero collects net information and shows off, it may be different from reality. Since zombies follow the common archetype, they are “slow to move” “keep moving unless you destroy your head”, “becomes zombie when bitten” and “strong”. I will not run, run wisely, run dead or run hungry. I will not become a zombie.……


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