Hero, God and Savior

Hero, God and Savior

Associated Names: The One Who They Call Hero, God And Savior
Author(s): Noodless The Hoodless  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Action  Harem  Romance  
Tags: Action  Harem  Romance  

Description: In the present era, there was once a being who had many titles given to him alone, and three of the many titles given to him were 《Hero》《God》《Savior》 Seishou, the one known as a Hero to the common-folk, he eradicates unholy beings that dares to even step inside this realm. He once said "This world needs heroes, and you people, who have the power, can become one and fight these unruly beings". What he said sparked up society itself and some time later, heroes were born. Under the lead of the unknown godly hero, heroes began fighting back to save humanity from becoming extinct. However, it was time for the unknown hero to leave as he feels that he is no longer of use, so years went by and suddenly, the first ever hero who stood up against the monsters "Seishou" suddenly disappeared from the eyes of society. Where is this godly hero now? Where did he disappear to?……


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