The Whirlwind Girl 1: The Beginning of Light

The Whirlwind Girl 1: The Beginning of Light

Associated Names: The Whirlwind Girl 1,Tornado Girl,Whirlwind Bai Cao Volume 1: The Beginning Of Light (the Whirlwind Girl),旋风百草卷一:光之初(旋风少女)
Author(s): Ming Xiaoxi   明晓溪
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Action  Drama  Martial Arts  Romance  Shoujo  
Tags: Action  Drama  Martial Arts  Romance  Shoujo  

Description: The story tells the journey of Qi Bai Cao, who has a fondness for Taekwondo ever since she was little. After her parents died in a tragic car accident, Bai Cao is adopted and raised by Qu Xiang Nan, the world champion, whose skills and reputation have been defamed by his enemies. Honest, righteous, and determined to succeed, Bai Cao gradually transforms from a weed into a professional Taekwondo fighter, fighting her way to the top and reclaiming her teacher’s innocence. Along the way she encounters friends such as her stoic and selfless senior Ruo Bai, the warm and caring but mysteriously secluded medic Yu Chu Yuan, and the flirtatious, playful Fang Ting Hao with a hidden agenda. Together they learn, grow, compete, find love and fight for their dreams.……


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