King Arthur is my Waifu

King Arthur is my Waifu

Associated Names: 我的老婆亚瑟王
Author(s): Mykingsknight  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 12/28/2018
Genres: Action  Fantasy  Romance  
Tags: Action  Fantasy  Gender Bender  Romance  

Description: “You are my knight?” The silver haired young man smiled and asked the blonde young girl. This was the encounter from when the youth was ten years old. “You are my bride?” Gently holding the blonde haired young girl that had been with him for ten years, the young man asked to make sure. This was the story of when he was sixteen years old. “You are my king?” Half kneeling before the throne, smiling while looking at the young girl holding the sword of victory, the young man smiled like the boy ten years ago. “I’ve fine with not having eyes, but you, the entirety of Camelot can not be without eyes.” Smiling as he gave his eyes to the young girl who had lost her eyes to a red dragon’s curse. He did not regret it, this was the joy of twenty years. “Then Arthur? Pen? Dragon? Arthuria, knight king, young girl, are you willing… spend your life with me?” Smiling as he reached his hand out to the young girl, the silver haired young man would still have asked the same question two thousand and five hundred years in the future. This is the fetter of two thousand and five hundred years.……


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