Omnia wo Suberumono

Omnia wo Suberumono

Associated Names: 森羅万象を統べる者,The Sovereign Of Omnia,森羅万象を統べる者
Author(s): Miduki Satori  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Action  Comedy  Fantasy  Romance  
Tags: Action  Comedy  Fantasy  Romance  School Life  

Description: Misono Hinata and his childhood friend Ayakawa Suzuri had been living together for the past seven years. At long last, their life of sweet romance finally began now that Suzuri confessed her feelings. However, the sudden arrival of a girl named Satsuki, allegedly Hinata’s cousin, resulted in a life of cohabitation for three. Despite having his hands full dealing with Satsuki’s superpower, Hinata still continued to enjoy his romantic everyday life with Suzuri. Nevertheless, they were unfortunately caught up in the Misono head family’s troubles–!? The author’s debut work, winner of the 8th Annual Newcomer’s Prize, a story of super sweet romance crossed with superpowered battle action, hereby officially commences!……


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