Seijo no maryoku wa bannou desu

Seijo no maryoku wa bannou desu

Associated Names: 聖女の魔力は万能です,The Saint's Magic Ability Is Omnipotent
Author(s): タチバナ  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 12/26/2020
Genres: Sci-fi  
Tags: Fantasy  

Description: Office lady in her twenties, Takanashi Sei was summoned to the different world by the 【Ceremony of Saint Summoning】.But however, she was not recognized as a 【Saint】.The first prince who appeared in the summon room only taken the another girl that was summoned with Sei and left the room. The figure of Sei that was left behind lost her temper.Let’s get out of this country quickly.It is decided.However, the reality is harsh.In the end, she decided to stay in the Royal Palace. But not calling herself as a 【Saint】 but as a 【Commoner】.……


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