Valhalla no Ban Gohan

Valhalla no Ban Gohan

Associated Names: ヴァルハラの晩ご飯,Valhalla's Dinner
Author(s): Kazutoshi Mikagami  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 01/19/2023
Genres: Comedy  Fantasy  
Tags: Comedy  Fantasy  Harem  

Description: The God Community Kitchen “Vahalla Kitchen” is always busy during dinner hour. My name is Sei, as a pig that has the ability to talk, I was ordered by Odin to help out as a “MEAL” ! I know that I have the mystery ability to revive once per day but isn’t it horrible for me to be a meal everyday? The reason why I still staying here is because of the goddess Brynhildr who is not bad. Ee… why is the number 2 of the god community , Loki is here ? The god community is in trouble and want my help ? But I’m just a boar~~……


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