Welcome to the Raindance Cafe

Welcome to the Raindance Cafe

Associated Names: パーセント・エイジ 〜カフェ、レインダンスへようこそ!〜
Author(s): Yama Yamasaki  山崎山
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Drama  Romance  Slice Of Life  

Description: Life. It’s all about probabilities―and miracles. Jun Momose is a college student who’s been quite fortunate in his life so far, except that he’s never fallen in love. One day, on a whim Jun decides to take a different way home and stumbles on the antiquated Raindance Cafe, where he falls head over heels for the waitress Rei Ochikibe. Heart racing with unfamiliar feelings, he ends up working at the cafe, only to discover it is frequented by a dangerous crowd and on the verge of going out of business. Pushed around by these unsavory customers, Jun begins to learn about a world very different than the one he knew. In this world, everything he thought to be true disappears in a puff of smoke. In the process, he begins to discover certain things about Rei’s past. What should he say? How should he act? Jun is faced with more and more difficult decisions. Because life is determined by probabilities―……


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