The Girl Who Fell from the Polar Star

The Girl Who Fell from the Polar Star

Associated Names: Goku Hoshi Kara Koboreta Shoujo,極星から零れた少女
Author(s): Nanasawa Matari   七沢またり
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Fantasy  
Tags: Fantasy  

Description: The pain that seemed like being pierced by something sharp and the girl regained her sensation. The darkness that like sticky sludge. The girl finally woke up when a red light gathered in that closed world. When she received a purple sphere from a strange red bird, the two memories inside the girl mixed up. The goal of the girl was to fulfill the life expectancy that was expected to be sixty years. But she wanted to spend fulfilling days, so she thrust her neck in various matters. Because her body was weak, she had to train it. It is a story of a live hurried girl to live strongly, ruggedly and noisily.……


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