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The Torch

The Torch

Associated Names: No Other Name
Author(s): John Mhika  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Horror  Psychological  Tragedy  
Tags: Horror  Psychological  Tragedy  

Description: Tanaka Manyika was a Zimbabwean form 4 student in his 2nd term of study, and  like every other kid his age, he wanted to pass his end of year exams and move on with his life. However on one particular night his parents and his sister were brutally murdered by two strange men. This was only the beginning to a horrific nightmare; the coming of the apocalypse of infinite darkness was upon him. In that despondent world where everyone in the dark is subjected to despicable mutilation by the creatures of the unknown, Tanaka only has a torch as his arsenal, the only tangible form of light in a world consumed by darkness. Can he survive the end of the world and be the haven of others in despair or will he eventually fall prey to the hopelessness of the world?……


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