Overthrowing Fate

Overthrowing Fate

Author(s): Tinalynge  ,Atroposdios, Chassiel
  • Stats: Completed
  • Time: 09/10/2018

Description: Genres: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Original – English Author:  Tinalynge Editor:  ONI_Ghost Beta reader:  Soultorrent Release Schedule: Complete - no more chapters to be released Support Patreon  –  Patreon is a subscription website where you support me with a specific amount of money each month. Those who support me are known as Patrons and Patrons are getting special benefits and rewards as a thank you for supporting me. Rewards such as early releases and merchandise Buy on Amazon  –  If you wish to support me by purchasing my book and get your own copy, then you can purchase it from Amazon and leave a review. Like, Share or Comment –  A like, a share or a comment motivates me greatly to keep on doing what I do. If you enjoy the story and have a moments time to spare, please like or share the story, and I am always grateful for all the comments I get!  Xu Min realized that he was gifted with an exceptional talent for cultivation as he was training to become a family guard. His path was set before him but due to the jealousy of man, misfortune befell him. Xu Min found that he could trust no one as he began walking down the path of vengeance in a world where only the strong survived. ……


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