A Wild Last Boss Appeared

A Wild Last Boss Appeared

Associated Names: 野生のラスボスが現れた!
Author(s): Ultra Sibling No. 1  ウルトラ兄弟№1
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 01/16/2023
Genres: Action  Adventure  Fantasy  

Description: It was in the year 2900 of the Midgard calendar. Back then, there was a Conqueror King who once reigned supreme and had reached the very brink of subduing the world. Her name was Ruphas Mafahl, a great woman dreaded as the Black-Winged Conqueror King. She was too strong, too fast, and too powerful… However, she was defeated by Heroes who opposed her ferocity, and her ambition was brought to an end. ――or so went the story of our protagonist’s in-game character, whose body he now possesses for some reason in a world 100 years after Ruphas’ downfall. Follow our protagonist as he becomes unnecessarily feared by his surroundings and unnecessarily worshiped by his former subordinates as he―or now she―cheerfully travels around this fantasy world.……


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