Mayo Chiki!

Mayo Chiki!

Associated Names: まよチキ!,迷える執事とチキンな俺と,Mayoeru Shitsuji To,まよチキ!,迷える執事とチキンな俺と,Mayoeru Shitsuji To Chikin Na Ore To,The Stray Butler And Myself The Chicken
Author(s): Asano Hajime  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Comedy  Harem  Romance  School Life  Seinen  
Tags: Comedy  Harem  Romance  School Life  Seinen  

Description: The story revolves around Kinjirou Sakamachi, a 17 year old high school boy who suffers from gynophobia. The sickness known as gynophobia makes his nose bleed every time he has physical contact with a female. While using the bathroom he accidentally discovers that the popular and handsome butler, Subaru Konoe, is in fact a girl. Now that Kinjirou knows about Subaru’s secret, he must work together with Subaru and her sadistic mistress, Kanade, to protect Subaru’s secret from being discovered.……


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