Escape Galge

Escape Galge

Associated Names: As A Capturable Character I Want To Escape From Galge Protagonist!,Kōryaku Taishō-sha Na Watashi Wa Gyarugē Shujinkō Kara Nigetai Wake De!,攻略対象者な私はギャルゲー主人公から逃げたいわけで!,As A Capturable Character I Want To Escape From Gal Game Protagonist!
Author(s): Hanaka Yui  花果 唯
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 03/29/2023
Genres: Romance  Shoujo  
Tags: Romance  School Life  Shoujo  

Description: As I was going to confess to the senpai I admired, at that moment――『Ah, this guy is the protagonist of a gal game』what a close shave…… I was about to be captured! Even though I reincarnated as a capturable target, I won’t be captured by you. Of course, I can’t put up with tying twin tails anymore so I’ll graduate from them! That’s why, stop following me around already!……


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