Help! Gooogle-sensei!!

Help! Gooogle-sensei!!

Associated Names: Tasukete ! Goodfull-sensei!!,Tasukete ! Gooogle-sensei!,助けて! goodfull先生!!,助けて! Gooogle先生!!
Author(s): Takada Ta  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 03/16/2023
Genres: Action  Adventure  Comedy  Fantasy  Sci-fi  Supernatural  
Tags: Action  Comedy  Fantasy  Harem  Sci-fi  Supernatural  

Description: I was on the verge of death after ruining my health by over eating for the past 30 years. Goodbye, past world. And Hello to new world. I will cheat with modern knowledge, is what I thought, but in reality I don’t have any practical knowledge. Nitroglycerin? How to make it? Where to find potatoes? Method to make transparent glass? Method to make carbon steel? I don’t know any of that. However, the heaven didn’t abandon me. I was born with royalty as a cheat. And, my brothers and sister have an unparalleled level of cheat talent, so unparalleled cheat ability would also dwell in me!…… I changed my mind, the heaven have abandoned me. I don’t get any unparalleled ability. While I was spending my days lamenting about that, I have already been abandoned by heaven, but Gooogle-sensei didn’t abandon me! Passing through eras and expanding his service, certainly sensei is Deus ex Machina! My era has star-, no, Sensei’s era has started! Just look at it, all of the holder of unparalleled ability!! All of you must prostrate in the front of Sensei’s power!!……


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