Aidoru Wa Tsukkoma Reru No Ga Suki!

Aidoru Wa Tsukkoma Reru No Ga Suki!

Associated Names: アイドルはつっこまれるのがすき!,彼女は,Aitsuko,Idol Wa Tsukkomareru No Ga Suki!,Kanojo Wa Tsukkoma Reru No Ga Suki!,My Idol Likes To Be Ranted At,Shes Likes To Be Ranted At,彼女はつっこまれるのが好き!(小説)
Author(s): Saitou Masato  Masato Saitou
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Shounen  
Tags: Comedy  Shounen  

Description: Attracted by the warm light of the sun in spring, I was walking aimlessly on the streets when I was suddenly kidnapped. Eh? What? No no no, what are you guys doing!? …By the time I recovered, I found myself in the recording studio of a broadcast program for some reason.Just as I was spacing out, a young beautiful girl entered the studio…My, my gosh! Isn’t she the voice actor idol, Otonashi Madoka that I have been worshiping all my life…Eeeeeh!! So, the two of us went with the flow and started the broadcast program…but what would happen to my destiny!?A exhilarating comedy bustling with excitement will unfold with the impact of raging currents here and now!……


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