Famitsu Bunko's Horror Anthology

Famitsu Bunko's Horror Anthology

Associated Names: Horror Anthology,Horror Anthology 1 "Red",Horror Anthology 2 "Black"
Author(s): N/A
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Horror  

Description: After breaking the city “rule”, the girl’s life gradually broken, and finally she pass across the forbidden white line──. Along with Ayasato Keishi’s spine-chilling 『Nekono Tenoko』, there are Sasaki Ichiro’s 『Vertical』, Tao Noritake’s WEB published work 『Kobito no Geemuya』, Maisaka Kou’s story of a man experiencing the worse fear in the middle of test courage with the popular girl in class 『The Two in the Test of Courage at Night』, Takeoka Hazuki’s 『Ainosainou』, and state-of-the-art Nishino Sego’s newly written 『Ghost Tunnel』. Presenting these six stories, this is the first volume of the summer night light novel horror!……


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