Supernatural Monetary System

Supernatural Monetary System

Associated Names: SMS,超级金钱系统
Author(s): Yiren Qianjun  一人千军
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 04/24/2019

Description: Yu Sheng is a common man and boasts a boring life before becoming the owner of almighty Supernatural Monetary System. This unique system can help him to acquire everything in the world only by recharging money. To gain more desired things and to succeed, Yu has to earn much money with a crazy method. Facing various temptations, what will Yu Sheng choose? What secrets are hiding behind the system? Who has made this system, and what is his purpose? What is the system planning for itself? Where are the previous hosts of this system? Yu Sheng has deeply got stuck in this chessboard. Will he be a chessman and at the mercy of others, or become the manipulator of the chessboard?……


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