Professional Body Double

Professional Body Double

Associated Names: Occupation: Body Double,Zhiye Tishen ,职业替身
Author(s): Shui Qian Cheng  水千丞
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 08/13/2022
Genres: Drama  Romance  Yaoi  

Description: Zhou Xiang doesn’t know if the Heavens gave him a second chance at life because of their excessive consideration for him, or because they hadn’t had enough fun with him yet. Or else, why would he be used, in film and in real life, in his previous life and this one, by Yan Mingxiu as the body double for the exact same person? He didn’t know who was more pitiful, he himself, who can only ever be a body double, or Young Master Yan, who has no choice but to find a body double.……


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