Corporate Slave Hero Says He's Quitting His Job

Corporate Slave Hero Says He's Quitting His Job

Author(s): Kishimoto Kazuha   岸本 和葉
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 02/17/2020
Tags: Comedy  Fantasy  Harem  Romance  Slice Of Life  

Description: “I quit being a Hero.” Leaving behind those words, I separated from my allies and began a life of retirement in a village in the middle of a mountain. Separating myself from a life of fighting the demon lord, I had a rich life cultivating a field and intermingling with the villagers. At the time my life finally began to stabilize, a woman came to visit. “I am called the demon lord Isvel…geh, you! The Hero!?” “The demon lord!?” Before my eyes was my natural enemy, the demon lord. According to her story, she also seems to have come to retire. Since then began the strange life of retirement of me and the demon lord. “You’re not really putting your back to it do you” “Shut up! I’ve never worked in a farm!” … I’ve been anxious about it from the beginning.……


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