Last Days On Earth

Last Days On Earth

Associated Names: LDOE ,活在末法时代
Author(s): 西京子  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 04/22/2019
Genres: Action  Adult  Drama  Horror  Mature  Mystery  Psychological  Sci-fi  Seinen  Tragedy  

Description: When God left and refused to intervene with human affairs, he left a prophecy of the end of the world. “When the time of magic draws to a close, the world will collapse and everything will fall into chaos.” Man created a civilization so advanced because of their wisdom but they were doomed to be cursed. After all, intelligence is a gift and a curse. Then a virus came like a thief in the night and brought an outbreak, an apocalypse. This advent brought an era of lawlessness, decay of morality, and a world struck by a pandemic. When everyone is left to fend for themselves, be prepared to die.……


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