I Am a Princess Responsible For Settling Circumstances

I Am a Princess Responsible For Settling Circumstances

Associated Names: Watashi wa Gotsugoushugi na Kaiketsu Tantou no Oujo dearu,私はご都合主義な解決担当の王女である
Author(s): Mame Choro  まめちょろ
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 04/24/2019
Genres: Comedy  Historical  Romance  Shoujo  

Description: The fujoshi me was reborn in the world of the bl fantasy novel “Nobility of a King” from my previous life. At present, I appear as Esfia country’s first princess Octavia, in the novel. —now, this is a bl world. Where man x man relationships are justice……That is a huge premise…..! However, due to the memory of my previous life, Octavia’s role is difficult for me to accept. The reason being that Octavia is a princess necessary to resolve problems that come one after another—! In my vicinity, with my older brother as first on the list, packed with a couple of men. I plan to stick to ikemens (with a man)! This is princess Octavia trying to grope for a marriage of life inside such a place.……


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