The Demon King Addicted to Robbing the Bride

The Demon King Addicted to Robbing the Bride

Associated Names: 魔君爱抢婚
Author(s): Ren Xuxia  任旭霞,弦悠
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 04/24/2019
Genres: Comedy  Fantasy  Romance  Xianxia  

Description: A thousand years ago, the emperor of heaven, Mo Yunye, was defeated by the Demon King, Nan Liyue. In order to get his prisoners of war back to the holy army, Mo Yunye agreed to give his young lady Luo Qianhua to Nan Liyue in exchange. After a short time, a rumor from the demons spread to heaven that Luo Qianhua could not bear the Demon King’s torture and committed suicide by jumping from the highest spirit extermination stage and vanished. A thousand years later, a little hedgehog elf appeared on an isolated island in the far eastern sea, who looked like Luo Qianhua. Is she his sacrificed fiancée? Can the emperor win her back?……


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