Transition to Another World, Landmines Included

Transition to Another World, Landmines Included

Associated Names: Isekai Teni, Jirai Tsuki.,異世界転移、地雷付き。
Author(s): Itsuki Mizuho  いつきみずほ
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 12/25/2020
Genres: Action  Adventure  Fantasy  

Description: “Yo! I’m an evil spirit! But I’m not evil!” Those were the words of the evil (but not evil) spirit who was helping us, a bunch of classmates who died in a freak accident, transition to another world. He gave us the skills we desired, and provided us with all the support we needed. He’s definitely not evil, right? …Or so I thought. How naive. Nothing but disappointment awaited those classmates who thought they could simply cheat the system and become invincible. I mean, he made it very clear from the beginning that there would be no way to cheat. So they’re just reaping what they sowed. As for me? My close friends and I are surviving, steadily and at our own pace. Because in reality, this game-like world isn’t really a game at all.……


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