Record of the Missing Sect Master

Record of the Missing Sect Master

Associated Names: 教主走失记
Author(s): 一世华裳  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 12/26/2020
Genres: Comedy  Historical  Martial Arts  Mystery  Wuxia  Yaoi  

Description: A major event happened recently to the demonic sect – their powerful sect master suddenly went missing. Everyone comforted each other: “Don’t worry, the sect master must be out pursuing fun, and so on.” “Well, that makes sense.” They waited. Wait, wait. Wait, wait. Wait… Everyone slammed the table: “We’ve waited so long! The sect master must have met with a mishap! Look for him!!” Thus numerous disciples ran rumbling down the mountain. On a certain day of the month, a certain sect master opened his eyes and thought in confusion: Hey, who am I?……


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