Fortunate Wife

Fortunate Wife

Author(s): Qiū Shuǐlíng Er   秋水靈兒
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/09/2018
Tags: Fantasy  Harem  Josei  Romance  

Description: Shenmeigou is an old an infertile place, it’s hard to marry a wife there. The Li family is extremely poor. With only four bare walls for a home, they don’t even have a woman to manage the household. The Heavens had mercy today, Li Dalang saved a woman at the market and brought her back home. Li Man was killed by her mother-in-law and transmigrated. She was almost hanged on the first day, but, fortunately, she was rescued by the Li brothers. This doesn’t mean that her destiny is over. The language didn’t make sense at first, she discovered that, here, standard Mandarin sucks.……


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