NTR Fantasy - The Empire's Saint Alicia -

NTR Fantasy - The Empire's Saint Alicia -

Author(s): 浪太郎  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 03/23/2019

Description: Knights head Kyle and priest Alicia are lovers who promised the future. However, in the dry kingdom where they live, they decided not to make a decisive battle with demons, but the difference in fighting power was desperate and it was clear that they were defeated. The king has given up so much but the oracle is down in the country. It is “When the king of the country waiting for destruction agrees with the silver hair’s saint, the saint is given the wish of hope”. That is to let Alicia embrace the king. To protect the country Kyle dedicates Alicia to the king. This is a story that may save valuable things and may lose precious things.……


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