Netorare Pilgrimage Of The Saint

Netorare Pilgrimage Of The Saint

Author(s): Ouki Yuzuki   大木柚木
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 04/24/2019
Tags: Fantasy  

Description: NTR to protect peace. To this end, during a certain ceremony, the lover Tsubaki is ordered to be a s.e.x slave of the Demon Lord’s Army. Her mission would send her on a pilgrim to devote her body to each official of the army. Initially, the protagonists Trelle and Tsubaki want to resist, but after cuckolding and being cuckolded, they learned the pleasant feeling of being deprived of their lover. As they journey, their hearts and bodies change, loving each other even as they succ.u.mb to the Netorare play.……


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