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Associated Names: ぷいぷい!,神灯女仆!,Puipui,Pui Pui!,Puripuri,Puripuri!,ぷいぷい!,神灯女仆!
Author(s): Natsu Midori  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Comedy  Fantasy  Romance  School Life  Seinen  
Tags: Comedy  Fantasy  Romance  School Life  Seinen  

Description: Living in the high school student dormitories is first year student Araki Jin. His archeologist parents have sent him a mysterious lamp that, once polished, causes the academy’s idol Zadou Sierra to abruptly appear! What’s more, she is dressed in a maid outfit! After she appears, her father arrives and explains that Sierra is a descendent of a lamp genie, and that a genie needs to grant their master’s wishes in order to grow up. However, as a novice genie, Sierra cannot use her magical powers in any strong ways, and so she lives with the weak-bodied Jin making a lot of tumultuous noise. Thus begins the fantastic story of Sierra, the Ojou-sama turned novice genie, and her master Jin.……


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