Goddess’s Request

Goddess’s Request

Associated Names: 女神様の願いごと
Author(s): Nanahoshi  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 03/26/2023
Tags: Mature  

Description: Inside a certain day’s dream, [The G.o.ddess of Love and Beauty, Yutaka Minoru] forcibly woke me and gave me a servant and a strange power. And then, I was told about the [G.o.ddess’s Request]. According to the G.o.ddess, “Right now, the male s.e.x chromosome is on the decline. The male population itself is falling, and at this rate, no more men can be born. But you are different. In millions of people, you alone have two male chromosomes. You have the super rare XYY gene! So that humans can once again reproduce normally after s.e.x, to preserve the integrity of natural childbirth, go spread your DNA!!” “In other words…” “Your quota is to screw at least 100 girls! If you manage to succeed, I’ll reward you! If you fail, I’ll send you to h.e.l.l!” And with that, I was given a strange power from the G.o.ddess, granted a servant, and forced to attempt to screw 100 girls. “You have until you graduate from high school.” No wait, that’ll be impossible! “I’m not popular at all, and I’m a virgin who has never even had s.e.x! There’s no hope for me to do adult things!”……


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