Abnormal Creature Memoirs

Abnormal Creature Memoirs

Associated Names: Abnormal Creature Chronicles,Abnormal Life Form Chronicles,Abnormal Life Form Memoirs,Dị thường sinh vật kiến văn lục,异常生物见闻录,異常生物見聞錄
Author(s): Yuan Tong  远瞳
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 10/24/2021
Tags: Comedy  Fantasy  Sci-Fi  Supernatural  

Description: Hao Ren, as the name sounds, was a haoren (good person). His ideal was to safely and peacefully live out his life as a poor but not to the point of starving small time landlord — at least that was what he thought before a bunch of creatures with brain problems ended up living in his house. A rural and aged house, a gathering of far from normal inhuman creatures, in addition a labour contract from the G.o.ds. These three factors combined made Hao Ren the busiest landlord and most capable caretaker. The most chaotic, strange and abnormal story of a landlord begins here. “From the day I imprinted my hand on the labour contract, I knew I was roped into something terrible……”……


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