Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!

Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!

Author(s): 蘇行樂  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 08/09/2020
Tags: Comedy  Romance  

Description: This appears to be this type of story: Soon after knowing that she was going to marry Song s.h.i.+ An, Su Tang made a firm resolution to barter to get a bill of divorce within one month! The reasons are many with one being crucial, that pan of cold noodles has been an eyesore for a very long time! Actually, it is this type of story: Has lightening, dog blood, even more it has big meat. Love steamed buns, love beautiful meals, as well as love household tussles. Go out to build the family fortune, enter the house to steadily accompany the lady of the house! Who dares to interfere? Stiff penalties being served!……


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