Swain Hakushaku Reijou no Chiisana Oujisama

Swain Hakushaku Reijou no Chiisana Oujisama

Associated Names: Count Swain's Daughter's Little Prince,スウェイン伯爵令嬢の小さな王子様
Author(s): 喜多結弦  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 03/29/2023
Genres: Comedy  Fantasy  Romance  Slice Of Life  
Tags: Comedy  Fantasy  Romance  Slice Of Life  

Description: A little, five year old prince came to our house of the ruined Count Swain. The cheeky and cute little prince who we will take care of for a year seems to have taken a liking to me. He’s breathtakingly adorable every single day. It appears his affinity with my childhood friend and fiance is really poor, though…………


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