Congratulation Empress

Congratulation Empress

Associated Names: Wang Fei, Wang Ye You Xi Le,王妃,王爷有喜了
Author(s): 镂长扇  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 01/19/2023
Genres: Action  Fantasy  Martial Arts  Romance  Wuxia  
Tags: Action  Fantasy  Martial Arts  Romance  Wuxia  

Description: Hua Jin Lan, a 21st century assassin, was tied up by her sister and thrown into the sea. When her eyes reopened, she had became the daughter, with the same name, of a martial arts family in the Yue dynasty. Some say that the daughter was worthless and just a pretty face; some say she was shameless and engaged to 5 different men; some say she was a ruthless person and when unable to obtain love she turns to love potions. She was exposed thus while bearing both shame and resentment she jumps into the river and commits suicide……Wait what? I, an assassin, am being trolled? Fine! If you say I am worthless, let me show you what is a genius. If you say I am shameless, let me show you what is presumptuous. If you say I am brazen, let me show you what is even more brazen.……


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