Demon Wangs Golden Favorite Fei

Demon Wangs Golden Favorite Fei

Author(s): N/A
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Romance  Martial Arts  Historical  Drama  

Description: ’’Miss, since you came back, every three days, there will be someone who start a rumor to slander you......’’ ’’Some say you are ugly and really ill and will not live till eighteen.......’’ ’’Some say your personality is vulgar, even rural women are not as wild.....’’ ’’There are also people who mentioned the theft of that year. They told it like it has a nose and eyes, like they personally has witnessed miss steal the glowing pearl......’’ A time travel, she became the ancient version of Cinderella. Not only did her meimei rob her fiancé, she is also send by her father to chongxi1 for other people..... What a joke! It has always been her that slaughter people, when is it their turn to be arrogant?! Beat her? Alright! A needle and you will no longer be able to lift your right hand! Curse her? Deal! A kick and youll fall into the lake as food for carp! Assassination? Good! Making it so you wont be able to see tomorrows sun! What? Want her to marry that demon wang whose eight wives died on the wedding night? No problem! She is the demoness of the white and black world. Shed like to see whom of the two of them is more evil, who is more vicious. Only after marrying into wangfu did she know that this demon wang is different from the rumors. Not only are there different kinds of poisons in his body, he needs medication every day and on every night when its full moon, hell endure unbearable pain. That mans weak appearance actually made her let her guard down and feel pity. She vowed, the one who made him like this, shell pay him thousand, no, ten thousand times back! Its just that this man, he doesnt seem the same like he is on the surface......……


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