Close Combat Mage

Close Combat Mage

Associated Names: Jin Zhan Fa Shi,近战法师,近戰法師
Author(s): Yun Tian Kong  云天空, Yun Tian Kong
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/27/2020

Description: A young boy genius, Suo Jia, is a water mage who dreams of being a warrior travelling the great and dangerous trade routes to find his lost father that set off on them before Suo Jia was born. Having to look after his sick mother, Suo Jia manages to find a way to solve all their problems, as well as make a name for himself. He gathers nobility, vast wealth, items of great power, knowledge lost to the ages, and exceptionally talented females around him as he plots and plans – preparing to set off on an epic journey that will go down in history as a new legend. However, will others that depend on his powers so much be willing to let him go on such a dangerous journey so easily?……


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