God and Devil World

God and Devil World

Associated Names: ,Shen Mo Xi Tong,Thần Ma Hệ Thống,神魔系统
Author(s): Zi Chan Bao Zeng  资产暴增,Assets Exploding, Zi Chan Bao Zeng
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 06/02/2023

Description: In less than an instant the world as we knew it was at its end. That’s right. The Apocalypse. In a single blink Zombies appeared and mutated monsters began to rampage all throughout the world. Now it was the human species turn to fight for survival and planetary dominance! On the same day that the world descends into chaos we meet Yue Zhong. Initially only hoping to get to his friends and escape to a refugee camp our protagonist sets out, inadvertently building a team along the way. After a series of fortuitous events and a few serious hunches our hero decides it’s time to do more than just survive! Yue Zhong begins to form the foundations of an enormous survival plan… before he suddenly discovers that he has only gotten over the first hurdle……


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