Plundering the Heavens

Plundering the Heavens

Associated Names: 9 Coffins Of The Immortals,仙棺,掠天记
Author(s): 黑山老鬼  Ghost Of Dark Mountain
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 12/20/2020
Genres: Action  Adventure  Comedy  Fantasy  Harem  Martial Arts  Xianxia  

Description: Some say he is the bad apple in a basket, that he’s rotting everything around him with disgrace and corruption. Some say he is the biggest scum of the South Zhanbu Continent, that he’s colluding with the dark sects to cheat, steal, and commit all manner of atrocities. Some say he is the most wanted playboy. “Lock your daughters at home to keep Fang Xing away!” To all of those people, “That’s right, I am that big rotten apple. Any problem with that?” This brand of anti-hero is a young orphan with poor prospects and nothing more than the keepsakes of his uncles. He plots, schemes, and orchestrates all manner of villainy in his quest for power and revenge, unafraid to live precariously and make enemies out of those he really should not.……


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