Counterfeit Hero

Counterfeit Hero

Associated Names: 冒牌大英雄
Author(s): 72 Bian  七十二編
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 02/03/2023
Genres: Action  Harem  Sci-fi  
Tags: Mecha  Sci-fi  

Description: What can a machinery maintenance solidier do? Research, modifications, creative thinking? What can a mecha warrior do? Fighting, sensitive operations, peculiar moves? What can an elite scout do? After sneaking behind enemy lines, bare-hand techniques, immediate suppression, camouflage, stealthing, sniping? What can a military officer do? War simulation, planning, reign victorious by outsmarting? The genius who combined three professions into one, and is even skillful in psychological science, deceit, assassin disguises, is a spineless, disgusting, despicable fatty. When such a queer person is dragged into a war, what will he do? Will he become a hero, or a coward?……


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