Good Morning, Miss Undercover

Good Morning, Miss Undercover

Associated Names: 早安,卧底小姐
Author(s): Guan Jiu Bian  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 12/27/2018
Genres: Comedy  Josei  Romance  
Tags: Comedy  Romance  

Description: The first time that I met him, all sultry, I frivolously advised him, “Young man, next time do not look so attractive. It is dangerous to wander around.” The fourth time that I met him, I was wearing a high school uniform and carrying my school bag. I bowed to him respectfully and said “Uncle, you are so handsome. You will make a great match with my teacher. When both of you get married, I will be the flower girl, ok? ” The fifth time that I met him, he chased me in the street until I got stuck in a dead end. His eyes slightly amused said, “Want to be my flower girl? You are twenty four years old, also want to be a flower girl?” I said: “Big Brother, don’t get too excited ah …” He replied: “Of course I am excited. Have you heard of the bride being the flower girl?”……


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