Souen no Historia

Souen no Historia

Associated Names: 創炎のヒストリア ~転生執事の日常~,Histo,創炎のヒストリア ~転生執事の日常~,History Of Flame Genesis ~the Daily Life Of The Reincarnated Butler~,Reincarnated Butler,Souen No Historia ~tensei Shitsuji No Nichijou~
Author(s): Tomoto Sui  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Action  Adventure  Comedy  Fantasy  Harem  Romance  Shounen  
Tags: Action  Adventure  Comedy  Fantasy  Harem  Romance  Shounen  

Description: Asakura Souji fell that day. Souji was an ordinary high school student. He was average in everything and his only skill was housework. One day, on the school’s rooftop, he tried to save a girl, a complete stranger. He protected her with his body and died. Or so he thought. Now he had been reincarnated as a baby into what seems to be a fantasy world and now it seems that he’s going to be a butler.……


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