Isekai Onsen e Youkoso!

Isekai Onsen e Youkoso!

Associated Names: Welcome To The Otherworldly Hot Springs!,異世界温泉へようこそ!
Author(s): Sasamura Kanata  笹村 彼方
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Fantasy  Romance  

Description: Kamijou Takuma was one day caught up in a hero summoning with his whole class. While each and every one of Takuma’s classmates got powerful abilities, Takuma got Drilling (Hole digging). Branded as useless, Takuma was driven out of the Royal Castle. While inevitably digging a hole, he chanced upon hot springs. With a great effort, Takuma was determined to run an Onsen. However, that Onsen included a cheat-like effect of raising stats upon entering── He runs the Onsen while sometimes kicking his annoying classmates around.……


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