Yandai Xie Jie No. 10

Yandai Xie Jie No. 10

Associated Names: No Other Name
Author(s): Jian Zou Pian Feng  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Comedy  Romance  Shounen Ai  Slice Of Life  Yaoi  

Description: Because of his house pet chinchillas being “pregnant”, a stubborn and oddball novelist Liang Ze had a chance to encounter the gentle Mr. Goody-good shop owner, Hang Hang. The two have totally opposite characteristics and clashing personalities, yet they were both gradually getting closer. One imbecile author, one gentle shop owner, one taobao message, four chinchillas, two cellphones, with a few blocks of building in between them, these were the obstacles before they encountered each other. “Handsome” said my chinchilla is pregnant! Hang Hang said, these two chinchillas are female. This is the beginning of these two’s stories ^_^ Exactly what does “Fatal Attraction” mean?……


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